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Charleston's emergency management director says stay-at-home order necessary

We Stand For Progress Reports | Apr 7, 2020 @ 5:10pm

While the governor of South Carolina just recently ordered a 15-day statewide shutdown of non-essential businesses, residents in Charleston are already a week into its shelter-in-place order.


Berkeley County and Infrastructure Consulting win award for Daniel Island Roundabout

We Stand For Progress Reports | Mar 14, 2020 @ 4:47pm

The Daniel Island Roundabout project faced opposition during the planning, Moncks Corner City Councilman Josh Whitley said, but now it's an award winner.


State legislature hears a wish list for S.C. small businesses

We Stand For Progress Reports | Feb 24, 2020 @ 12:49pm

Consolidation of licensing procedures, tax reform and no raise to the minimum wage all appear on small businesses’ wish list for the South Carolina state legislature this year, according to a state representative of the of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).


Strong businesses, skilled workers and dedicated training give Charleston a bright 2020 economic outlook

We Stand For Progress Reports | Feb 24, 2020 @ 12:45pm

A tight labor market, the trade war with China and businesses' reluctance to make decisions in an election year all have had a role in putting the brakes on Charleston’s economic boom, but overall, 2020 looks to be a good year for the area’s economy.


Port of Charleston sets another annual record

We Stand For Progress Reports | Feb 3, 2020 @ 12:24pm

The Port of Charleston continues to grow apace, with the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) reporting a 5 percent increase in equivalent container units (TEUs) handled in 2019 over 2018.


Charleston's boom feeling an aftershock from traffic congestion, housing shortage

We Stand For Progress Reports | Jan 3, 2020 @ 3:00pm

Exponential growth in the technology, hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as thousands of jobs associated with the Port of Charleston, are all touted as examples of an economic boom for Greater Charleston, but a lack of affordable housing and increasing commuter congestion may soon outweigh all the benefits if not immediately addressed.


Charleston's new prosperity is not equal-opportunity wealth

We Stand For Progress Reports | Jan 2, 2020 @ 11:52am

With the shipping, technology, hospitality and tourism industries all growing by leaps and bounds, the Charleston area is booming like never before.


More affordable housing coming to Charleston in 2020

We Stand For Progress Reports | Dec 16, 2019 @ 4:34pm

The situation for Charleston residents in need of affordable housing is looking better – a lot better, according to one local government agency.


Charleston tech sector offering more high-paying jobs, CDC reports

We Stand For Progress Reports | Dec 4, 2019 @ 10:57pm

Charleston’s tech sector continues to grow, with more than half of local tech companies creating new jobs in 2019 and 91 percent of them saying they expect to do so in the future.


S.C. Ports Authority looking to expand retail operations

We Stand For Progress Reports | Dec 4, 2019 @ 10:56pm

A study conducted by University of South Carolina research economist Joey Von Nessen, and recently released by the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA), found that growth of the Port of Charleston and its associated inland ports over the last decade or so has dovetailed almost precisely with the growth of the state's manufacturing industry.


SCPA report claims ports add more than $63 billion to state economy

We Stand For Progress Reports | Nov 1, 2019 @ 10:46am

The South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA), which operates the Port of Charleston and two inland ports, released a study last week on the ports’ impact on the economy of the Charleston region and the state overall.


Inland Port Greer grows commerce, jobs for suppliers, consumers

We Stand For Progress Reports | Oct 28, 2019 @ 8:00am

Six years ago, the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) extended its reach, literally, when it opened Inland Port Greer, located 212 miles inland, in Upstate South Carolina between Atlanta and Charlotte along Interstate 85 in Greer, next to BMW’s automotive campus.


Explore Charleston launches mentoring program for entry-level hospitality workers

We Stand For Progress Reports | Oct 24, 2019 @ 8:00am

Charleston is taking steps to see that entry-level workers in the booming local hospitality field receive proper training and mentoring to enable those interested better pursue successful, lucrative careers in the industry.


Port of Charleston recovers quickly from Hurricane Dorian

We Stand For Progress Reports | Oct 21, 2019 @ 8:00am

In the end, a little luck and a lot of foresight contained damage to the Port of Charleston from Hurricane Dorian to some containers knocked over and some buoys that were bounced around by the raging winds.


State's economy still growing, but more slowly

We Stand For Progress Reports | Oct 15, 2019 @ 9:20am

The rate of economic growth in South Carolina, and the Charleston area in particular, is slowing down, says an economist with the University of South Carolina.


Charleston named top relocation destination by

We Stand For Progress Reports | Oct 1, 2019 @ 6:20pm’s recently released “Cross Market Demand Report” shows Charleston as the top destination for those looking to relocate.


Greater Charleston: We have room for more industry

We Stand For Progress Reports | Sep 25, 2019 @ 3:56pm

The pace at which business decisions, even major ones, are made is ever-increasing, which means that areas that want to attract more business need to make it as quick and easy as possible for companies to move right in.


Charleston hopes for state grant to aid in Low Battery project

We Stand For Progress Reports | Sep 25, 2019 @ 2:46pm

Charleston’s Low Battery is an important seawall along a major artery for residents and a recreation mecca for residents and tourists alike. It is also a century old.


"Last mile" will connect port to terminal

We Stand For Progress Reports | Aug 26, 2019 @ 9:35am

“The Last Mile” is a popular title for movies and books, and a common metaphor for what people walk when they reach the end of the line.


Charleston adding new hotel option as historic anniversary approaches

We Stand For Progress Reports | Aug 15, 2019 @ 10:36am

The coming year will mark the 350th anniversary of the beautiful city of Charleston, and as the city prepares for its historic anniversary a new hotel is coming to the area.